Baker Explosion’s ‘Down In The Cornroots’ on Itunes 9/23/2014


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Jason and Ben Baker  have teamed up again with a new mission, a new look on life, and a new set of original material.  Their debut album ‘Down In The Cornroots’ is set to release in September 23rd of 2014

Cds (available 9/26) and stickers will be available during live shows and by visiting .  thanks.

Baker Explosion filming music video for ‘The Day After Yesterday’

The Baker Explosion family has been hard at work filming their first official music video off of debut recording ‘Down In The Cornroots’.
Day one was full of various antics, including a dance party at the library with an amazing group of friends and family.
On day two we concentrated mostly on some street busking saxophone, a park scene and a couple of impromptu scenes that managed to grace us with some very fun footage.
We have one more day of filming left, with just a couple scenes to film. Baker Explosion are going to debut the brand new video for ‘The Day After Yesterday’ the first track off of their new album ‘Down In The Cornroots’ in August 2014, followed with an official release of their debut album September 23 2014 on Itunes and and September 25 in Norfolk, NE starting a string of CD release live shows! Official east Nebraska tour information TBA!

Unofficial soft release of Baker Explosion’s “Down In The Cornroots” CD!

I am excited to announce that we will have a few limited copies of our new CD “Down In The Cornroots” available for sale during our showcase at the Norfolk Art Center Underground’s  First Friday Music and Art event on August 1st. Every one of these CD’s will be hand painted.

Thank you!

Jason Baker – Baker Explosion

Baker Explosion’s Debut’s first 150 Cd covers will be handmade

We are very excited to be able to release this new record.  It has been over a two year process of recording and post production.  Although some of the songs and messages have been a lifetime in the making. I hand cut a stencil for the background, and we will hand stamp the logos and titles., followed by a clear coat for preservation. Today marks the first day of production on these cd covers.  They will be available at all our shows this year, or through other arrangements.  If you would like a physical copy of our new record “Down In The Cornroots” either attend a show this year or email us at! Music will also be available via I Tunes TBA!

Thank You!

Jason Baker