Last Stand | Baker Explosion

Filmed during the planting and harvesting of Sacred Ponca Corn along the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route and the historic Ponca Trail of Tears at the Tanderup Family Farm near Neligh, Nebraska. “Last Stand” is a song about a movement of Farmers, Natives, and Activists standing up to protect our land and water from corporate greed in rural Nebraska.

The Fall is upon us.

The winter usually means recording for this band. As we are growing and learning, we are hoping to document more of our experiences and sharing with all of you as a whole on a consistent basis. We have decided as a group to put all of our focus on recording. We have a few different projects we are working on currently and hope to release every song we have with a video. Not only that but, we want you to come on the journey with us!

This past week we have been working on a co-written song between Jason & I. In the past, we have written the majority of our songs by ourselves with the exception of a handful. We hope to do more of this collaborating in the future. This one, in particular, is a more upbeat song that we hope to create a video for in the next couple of months.

Heres a clip and hope you enjoy the sounds coming out of the cave!

If you have any questions or are interested in seeing or hearing anything from us, please leave a comment below.

BE 2016 looking back.

Thank you to our friends and fam who made our NYE show last night and to all the shows this year! Heres a recap of the highlights of 2016.
We sure did have a bit of fun in 2016, as i recollect on the year.
We got to play on Hear Nebraska‘s Good Living Tour with Twinsmith and Rothsteen. We also played a set at Power and Progress Festival for the first time,  we played a set at Skyview Park for Big Bang Boom,  and performed live at the Mint for our first Halloween and NYE shows ever. We a proud to be a part of our Norfolk, Nebraska music scene that shows up on the first Friday of the month to Norfolk Arts Centers First Friday Underground open mic!
Also Bold Nebraska granted us the opportunity to play some music for our Pipeline Fighters and Water Protectors Art Tanderup‘s farm, host of the Famous Willie Nelson and Neil Young NoKXL pipeline protest concert, and we also played some pop up concerts on voting day. We made this Video with HN, in the afternoon before the GLT concert. 
2016 was a year that we experimented with our sound, trying members, different arrangements with different instruments, learning new songs, and we thank you all for being along on that journey with us! Heres to a last but not least…. We have recorded several new songs with a hot new producer that have NOT ben released yet! (hint, hint look out 2017).
Happy New Year Everyone, Cheers to the new year!
-Baker Explosion